Camp Director:  Mike Douglass

Mike has been Youth Minister at St. James Parish in McMinnville Oregon since 1998 and has served as a parish Youth Minister in Oregon, Washington and California since 1983.  Mike has been Camp Director since it first started in 2000.

Assistant Director: Kristin Mombert

Kristin has been Coordinator of Youth Ministry at St. Pius X parish since 2008 and involved with Higher Calling Ropes Camp since 2012. Kristin started working in Youth Ministry in 2006.

Keynote Speaker: Doug Tooke

We are blessed to welcome back Doug Tooke to be our Keynote speaker at camp. Doug is a Catholic speaker from Montana and is a huge asset to our team and our teens.

Music: David Casey

We are blessed to welcome back David Casey to lead us in music and worship. Doug is a music minster from Montana and is a wonderful ropes facilitator.

This camp cannot happen without the support of a number of youth ministers from the Oregon and Washington area and their amazing volunteers.